Payment Options

Why are our obligations secure?

Accept popular payment methods to order payment and customer satisfaction without hidden fees or setting up your own merchant account. Our platform accepts popular global payment methods, including:


Using PayPal as a payment method qualifies the buyer to repay the entire purchase price. To date, it is made use of by the majority of customers who make online acquisitions specifically on account of its outright integrity, as the buyer is constantly shielded and reimbursed in case of problems.

Card Payment

This payment system allows customers to make online purchases with any kind of card.  Stripe is an internationally recognized firm that provides secure online payment solutions; it concentrates on supplying customer protection on each buy by withholding funds for many months and ensuring the purchaser receives guaranteed refunds if any problems arise.  This simplifies and leads to a smoother and safer trade through all the stages of acquisition and holding of capital linked to a buy.

Support for popular payment card brands like:

Amazon Pay

 The secure payment platform launched by Amazon in 2007. This payment method offers the option of completing secure purchases and payments on MR Key Shop with your Amazon account, ensuring that the customer is fully protected with a refund guarantee, therefore ensuring the amount spent is fully recouped in the event of problems. This is currently one of the most secure payment methods available.

Secure SSL payments or “Secure Sockets Layer

The adoption of this protocol ensures that all of your payment data will be processed in a thoroughly secure manner. By using SSL certificates, we are able to manage the sending and receiving of your data in conditions of almost safety, as it is encrypted/decrypted throughout the various processing stages, thereby ensuring the highest level of security for online payments.

This is the most important point for us

 What we care most about is our customers’ satisfaction. Our team will provide assistance and guidance to suit your every need. In keeping with our “full satisfaction or money-back” policy, we are prepared to issue a full refund if necessary