Top 10 Windows 11 Features: You Should to Know

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft has recently launched Windows 11 operating system. The new Windows 11 operating system has brought a lot of changes to the user interface and added many new windows 11 features. This update will reach most Windows 10 computers, allowing Windows 10 users to use Windows 11 for free. Running Windows 11 on a computer will require 4GB of RAM, 64GB of free memory and a 64-bit 1GHz dual-core processor. Windows 11 will be available for download later this year from Microsoft’s official website. And after installing this operating system, your computer usage will change a bit. And with some new features. In this article we will know what new Windows 11 features and changes will be available after updating from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Top 10 Windows 11 Features

Smart Menu

In Windows 11 operating system, the Start menu has been moved to the middle of the screen. In previous Windows versions, the Start menu was on the left. Bringing this start menu to the center makes Windows 11 look a bit like macOS and Chrome OS. So Windows 11 It may take some time to get used to this change.

New Start Menu

Windows 11 Features

Live tiles have been dropped from the new Start menu. The Start menu on Windows 11 will look a lot like Chrome OS. And rounded corners around the application’s icons.

New Multitasking

The multitasking experience in Windows 11 has been made more interesting by using Snap Layout features. As a result, many tasks can be performed simultaneously by placing multiple software’s together on the screen using the mouse. This feature could be used with keyboard shortcuts by installing Microsoft PowerToys on previous Windows versions.

Multiple Displays

Windows 11 has an interesting new feature for multiple display users. If you disconnect one of the multiple displays, the software that was open on that display will be automatically minimized. And then when you connect that display, the applications that were minimized will open automatically.

Freed from the hassle of updates

Microsoft says that after updating to Windows 11, the performance will increase by 40% than before. Moreover, the size of the update will be much smaller than before, and the computer will not be turned off for updates during work.

Microsoft Teams

Currently a popular application for teamwork is Microsoft Teams, which is now being used in many offices. Windows 11 has Microsoft Teams as the default application, which can be easily accessed from the Windows 11 taskbar.


The new design widget is back in Windows 11. In the new widget panel, various information including weather, cricket score can be viewed from the widget without opening any application.

Better touch support

Windows 11 for touch based computers Added multiple optimizations. Added hepatic feedback for voice typing and touch pen, making it very easy and smooth.

Gaming PC

For game lovers, Windows 11 has added a bunch of new interesting features. Auto HDR has been improved a lot in the game. Windows Xbox customers will also be able to experience great gaming with the Xbox Game Pass.

Android app support

Windows 11 has been added to the brand new Microsoft App Store. All the applications of Android can be found here. The app can be run smoothly directly on Windows 11 by downloading from the app store.


Finally, Windows 11 has many interesting features that will change the way you use Windows. Excellent user interface is available in Windows 11. Many features like multitasking, XBOX, Android app, remote desktop will be available in Windows 11. Later this year, Microsoft will officially publish Windows 11 operating system. Those who are using Windows 10 Pro will be able to get updates on Windows 11 for free.

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